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Looking Camera Ready

A little preparation goes a long way. Here are some things to keep in mind as you anticipate your big moment.

CLOTHING: We have a few general rules for clothing: Wear what you love & bring extra outfits! Accessorize as much as you are
comfortable! Dress for the weather - ever try to look pretty while you were shivering? The rest really depends on the location and look we are trying to achieve.

HAIR: Most stylists recommend having your hair cut two to three weeks prior to your photo session. Your hair will look healthy, you’ll be used to working with it. This applies to both girls and guys.
If you want to try different looks during your session it’s best to start with your hair down. Adding accessories like headbands and clips, can leave marks or flyaways in your hair.

FACE: Subtle make-up, when properly applied, beautifully highlights your eyes, plays up your bone structure, and nicely evens out your complexion. Stay away from anything shimmery.
Clean up your eyebrows! This is another one that applies to the guys as well as girls. Unibrows are never in vogue.
Guys, shave the day of your session. If you want some scruff or sideburns, make it look intentional,
    not shabby.

NAILS: Don’t forget your nails. Neutral or clear polish looks best. A full manicure and pedicure isn’t necessary, but clean and trimmed nails are! Are you still with us, guys?

Planning is all it takes for a polished and stylish session that you’ll remember forever. Here are a few essentials to bring along to your session.

Grab your props! A trumpet, soccer balls, flowers, textbooks, ballet slippers, even cars can add visual interest!
Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep before your session and stay out of the sun. You’ll want to be energetic and alert without that sunburned or “I just pulled an all-nighter” look in your eyes!